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MEI Mouse Fan Travel’s Love of Travel, Disney and Charity

Mouse Fan Travel

Beci’s love and passion for travel and Disney is deeply rooted her in childhood, which grew into MEI Mouse Fan Travel!

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Growing up, Beci’s father played a significant role in planting the Disney seeds in her life. This would eventually play a huge role in her life when decided to start a company that had a focus on Disneyland and Disney World trips for families. A travel agency called MEI Mouse Fan Travel was born, and a long history of giving not only to customers but charities as well has followed in this amazing journey.

Beci went from nearly taking over a travel agency, to starting her own with her own ideals, passion, and beliefs in mind. Success, while not coming easily, has been a hallmark for Beci and her MEI Mouse Fan Travel. Even bringing on her first employee, Annette Owens who was actually a client of hers at the time played out to be an excellent decision.

MEI Mouse Fan Travel is a great service that I can personally recommend because I have used them. They definitely do go the extra mile for their clients, and help make wherever your destination is, a wonderful one! [No, I am not being paid to say this. They really are THAT good!]

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