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Dreamers Podcast Episode 100! A Retrospective

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Dreamers Podcast Episode 100! A Retrospective

Dreamers Podcast has reached a very important mile stone, so Al Kessel and I are
celebrating with a special retrospective!

Dreamers Podcast has been an amazing run so far! I love all of the guests and
fans that I have been able to come in contact with because of the show! In this
episode of Dreamers Podcast I invite Al Kessel back onto the show! Al hasn’t
been on Dreamers Podcast since episode 1, and it was a honor to have him come
back on the show!

We discuss how Dreamers Podcast has affected my life, some of my favorite
moments from the show, and where the show is headed! I invite you all to take
part and listen to this funny and engaging episode of Dreamers Podcast! I had
such a great time making it with Al, and I look forward to having him again on
the show soon.

I would like to just take a moment to thank everyone who has supported the show
so far! And there are some things coming down the pike for both me and the show.
But I assure you Dreamers Podcast isn’t going anywhere. This show and what is it
represents to me is way too important to let it go. So, look forward to some
slight format changes in my interviews as well as the fact that I am working on
securing some sponsorship for the show to help perpetuate bringing you dreamers
that made their dreams, reality!

I also talk about some other projects that I am working including my upcoming
book, and a separate podcast idea that I am working on that I think you will all
enjoy! 🙂

The song I picked for this landmark episode really has a lot of meaning to me,
and I hope you will find it does as well. I really want to make a big deal out
of having this song linked to this episode. So I am including the lyrics for the

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Episode 100

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