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NYC Actor With Lots of Roles to his Name, Dave T Koenig

Dave T Koenig

Dave T Koenig has acted in many  television shows since 2005 when he went head first into his acting career!

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Having Dave T Koenig is a great inspiration to the show! He decided to follow his passion after years of trying to do other things, and finally went head into an acting career which has paid dividends for him. Getting to act on many big time shows with speaking roles, Dave T Koenig had to figure out that he needed to love himself, and love who he is to make his own breaks happen.

Today Dave and I talk about combating conformity with growing up and how we continue battle that even to this day! I had an awesome time chatting with Dave about all kinds of things, including what roles Tom Cruise would and wouldn’t be good for.

Check out Dave’s acting demo video below!

Deception (NBC)
Blue Bloods (CBS)
Made In Jersey (CBS)
Damages (DirecTV)
STD: Oddfjord (

Episode 139

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