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Zephan Moses Blaxberg Is Living Life Re-Scripted

Zephan Moses Blaxberg

Zephan Moses Blaxberg is living the life he wants on his own terms and now has his first book out called Life Re-Scripted!

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Zephan’s new (and first) book was released in January of 2016. After leaving his full-time job with Apple in pursuit of starting a video production company, Zephan quickly found himself working in the White House (with Secret Service clearance) and with companies fe-ke Netflix, Uber, NFL, NHL and NBA. His video work can be seen in sporting venues nationwide but feeling unfulfilled and striving for a greater purpose, his true story starts with a one way ticket.

He taught himself travel hacking and couch surfing to take a few months off from business in 2014 and made it nearly 10,000 miles before deciding to turn back home and share his newfound discoveries with the world. In January 2015, the Year Of Purpose Podcast was born, introducing the millennials to entrepreneurs and thought-provokers from all over the world in hopes of inspiring them to live a life of purpose.

Life Re-Scripted analyses life through the lens of a movie-goer and contemplates re-writing the parts of our script that no longer serve us. From Apple “Genius” to purpose-seeking adventurer, he provides real life examples along with quite a few questions to lead anyone closer to the path of their purpose. Did I mention he’s only 26?

Zephan will be making waves in 2016 and Pat Flynn has interviewed him for the Smart Passive Income show (episode premiering in January).

You can check out more about Year of Purpose at www.yearofpurpose.com or grab a preview of Life Re-Scripted at www.liferescriptedbook.com.

Matt and I didn’t get to have a chat this week due to all of the commotion with the birth of my daughter Ava.

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