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Weight Loss Story Beatrice Feeney

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Weight Loss Story Beatrice Feeney

In 2003 Beatrice weighed 200 lbs, unhappy with herself, she realized that she
was the only person who could start her weight loss story!

When Beatrice found herself  weighing 200 lbs, she finally figured out that she
was the only one who could change her life. She decided once she got down to the
weight she wanted, she wanted to a trophy. Beatrice found herself training for a
figure competition, and got her trophy! A lot of discipline was learned from
training for the competition.

Three years ago Beatrice was staring down the road that revealed a lost job, a
lost marriage all within 3 months. She didn’t take that sitting down, Beatrice
is a fighter! She knew something good was around the corner her. Just a few
short years later she found herself with the job, the man, and in the place of
her dreams. Turns out, the job she used to do became available in Orlando,
Florida. Someone from the TV station she worked for contacted her to go and
apply for it. Before she knew it she was packing and driving Florida to start a
new life with her brand new husband!

Beatrice aspires to be a better person than person she was yesterday. Her weight
loss story is a great story of how you can stay strong in the face of adversity.
Now that she is an avid runner, she decided to start coordinating her own 5k
runs through the mall that she managers in Orlando.

I hope you enjoy Beatrice’s weight loss story, because it is important for you
to remember to stay positive!

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Episode 33
[00:00:00],000 — [00:00:05],40
this is the dreamers podcast where
dreamers shared their stories to inspire

[00:00:05],40 — [00:00:06],420

[00:00:06],420 — [00:00:11],969
now join host Joe Pardo as he interviews
a dreamer who’s living their dreams

[00:00:24],510 — [00:00:29],70
welcome to the dreamers podcast I’m your
host Joe Pardo and today I’m

[00:00:29],70 — [00:00:31],200
interviewing Beatrice fini

[00:00:31],200 — [00:00:35],310
who is living her dream through
attention-deficit disney disorder or so

[00:00:35],310 — [00:00:37],470
she would have you believe

[00:00:37],470 — [00:00:43],379
welcome to the show thank you thanks for
having me my own made-up terminology i

[00:00:43],379 — [00:00:45],720
hope it’s appropriate

[00:00:45],720 — [00:00:50],10
it seems that my talents are all disney
related in some way

[00:00:50],10 — [00:00:55],890
former fashion well you know on the show
we we do love our disney people so

[00:00:55],890 — [00:00:58],830
there’s nothing wrong with that

[00:00:58],830 — [00:01:02],970
thanks so let’s get started by giving
some background about yourself

[00:01:02],970 — [00:01:09],810
well i’m in 2003 I guess we’ll go back
that far i was someone who weigh 200

[00:01:09],810 — [00:01:15],120
pounds was unhappy with myself and
basically came to the conclusion that

[00:01:15],120 — [00:01:20],970
the only person who could change me was
me so I needed to do whatever it took to

[00:01:20],970 — [00:01:25],408
get to whatever I wanted to be and
that’s when I started to search out how

[00:01:25],409 — [00:01:27],60
I was gonna do that

[00:01:27],60 — [00:01:33],450
um I got down to the weight range that I
wanted to be and then I decided that

[00:01:33],450 — [00:01:37],830
after all that hard work i wanted a
trophy so I didn’t figure competition

[00:01:37],830 — [00:01:44],880
and came in third place and after I got
my trophy i retired that night it was a

[00:01:44],880 — [00:01:48],960
lot of hard work and it was wonderful
and it taught me a lot of great life

[00:01:48],960 — [00:01:55],979
lessons about discipline and fitness and
exercise and how to live a healthier

[00:01:55],980 — [00:02:00],450
life and and that took me to a lot of

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