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A Twitter Expert With A Passion For Life!

Twitter Expert

Sean Malarkey isn’t just another internet marketer, he is a twitter expert with a passion for life!

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Sean Malarkey found passion in Twitter before most people knew or understood the power that Twitter was about to wield. Becoming a twitter expert was helpful in launching him into becoming a digital entrepreneur. Sean utilizes this passion and found freedom to enjoy his life with his family! He is a great guy, and having him on Dreamers Podcast is definitely an honor given his outlook on life. I love finding people who are motivated by life and not motivated by money. Sean even admits in this episode that he could work harder and make more money, but he’d rather just spend time on the beach with his family.

Holding the ability to make more money and work harder, yet reserving yourself to enjoy life to the fullest instead of being shackled to a desk to make as much money as possible.

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Episode 124

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