This Steve Jobs Wannabe | Copa Di Vino | Super Joe Pardo

This Steve Jobs Wannabe | Copa Di Vino

Coppa Di Vino Shark Tank

I react and give my advice to the business of Copa Di Vino.

This pitch was from Season 2 of Shark Tank (USA) on episode 1. This pitch spawned a series of Copa Di Vino coming back into the tank looking for funding. In this video I break down my opinion of his pitch, delivery, and reception of the sharks to him. As well as my assessment of whether or not he should be able to strike a deal with the sharks.

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  1. Super Joe Pardo says:

    Have you ever had to take a good hard look at how you are splitting your attention with your business? How did you ultimately decide which path to take?

  2. Tony Gonzo says:

    was a cool watch!! Cheers!

  3. IanInfinite01 says:

    If he created a wine glass that had phone, camera, video, and meme capabilities…that would’ve won them over. 100%.

    • Super Joe Pardo says:

      Hahah right? I didn’t care for him, but they definitely were trying to squeeze too much value out of him and his business.

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