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These Three Girls Web Series with Teresa Hui and Jerry Skids

These Three Girls

Teresa Hui and Jerry Skids come back to Dreamers Podcast to talk a new musical they are working on, Mouse Rants, and of course These Three Girls web series!

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Mouse Rants

Teresa Hui (episode 45) and Jerry Skids (episode 15) rejoin me for the first time in well over 100 episodes! I can’t believe it has been this many episodes already, time is just flying by and I am enjoying the ride! Teresa and Jerry follow up together, as they recently just got married in Las Vegas!!! Teresa and Jerry are also working together on a web series project called These Three Girls. As well as an upcoming musical based around Newsies and Disney World culture. Jerry also talks about his show Mouse Rants, which I was recently on, but I must warn you that it’s NSFW (not safe for work) and really is meant for over 18 year old audiences only.

Episode 171

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