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The Birds and The Bees Talk With Digital Dads

Digital Dads

Brent Basham of Digital Dads Podcast knew it was time to have “the talk” with his son, so like any good podcaster would do, he made an episode out of it!

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Digital Dads

I am so happy that Brent Basham and Andrew Currie of Digital Dads Podcast agreed to come on the show to talk about their infamous episode 11! Brent went through the process of recording the journey going from not having “the talk” with his son. Recording conversations between him and his wife, him and his son Cody, and even going to get some advice and a personal history lesson from his dad.

Even if you aren’t a parent that is about to give “the talk” to your child, it’s worth a listen. I thought so highly of it that I listened twice, once by myself and once with my wife Melissa. It’s a great way to put yourself into the shoes of someone who is nervous about giving a talk like this to your child.

Episode 166

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