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Technology Overburden

A good friend of mine, sent me a list of all of the phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices connected to his wireless network. It totaled upwards of 43 devices, which is quite a few. With that said, he and his wife are authors that write about Android and iOS. So, all of these devices are pretty much needed for their job.

So about 3 weeks ago I decided I would go through all of my tech toys. I wound up selling every old laptop and some unused dj equipment, on eBay. A nice sum of money came my way due to letting go of devices I felt no longer paid rent. The following is just some of the stuff I decided to sell.

Sony Vaio S460 13″ notebook
Sony UX-380 4.5″ handheld computer
MacBook Pro 13″ 2009
MacBook Pro 15″ late 2008
MacBook Air 13″ 2010
Akai mpc1000 drum machine
2 Technics 1200 MK2 turntables
Pioneer djm-300 mixer

I moved from the MacBook Air back to a MacBook Pro 15″ ($1799 model). I have that and my iPhone, that’s it. I really hope that the next iPhone has a slightly larger screen, seriously. Since it has become my laptop away from my laptop, which is more or less a desktop.

Please comment below on items that you have, that after thinking about it. You feel you could part with.

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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