Super Mario 3D World with Matthew Borelli. Come hang out! | Super Joe Pardo Professional Business Coach

Super Mario 3D World with Matthew Borelli. Come hang out!

Super Mario 3D World with Matthew Borelli. Come hang out!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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  1. Brad Donaghy says:

    Thanks for the bday wish the other day too man. Appreciate it

  2. Brad Donaghy says:

    Yeah man. Just been working and going to school

  3. Brad Donaghy says:

    Well that and getting ready for your new bambino too! That’s gonna be awesome! Your gonna be an amazing dad

  4. Brad Donaghy says:

    No problem man. Just the truth. That’s a beautiful name too. Who’s there playin with ya?

  5. Brad Donaghy says:

    MLG PRO MANEUVER right there

  6. Brad Donaghy says:

    2 pro moves in a row there

  7. Brad Donaghy says:

    Also not a fan of the lag

  8. Theresa Blue says:

    Tell me next time you guys are playing I’ll come over. Also hi

  9. Brad Donaghy says:

    That’s pretty sweet. I agree tho. If you wanna chill sometime and do games lemme know I’m totally down

  10. Brad Donaghy says:

    Ok well next Monday if I’m not working lemme know what time and I’ll try to make it over. Haven’t seen your new digs yet either

  11. Brad Donaghy says:

    And the screen is blurry

  12. Brad Donaghy says:

    Lil bit. Like Vaseline on the screen

  13. Brad Donaghy says:

    There ya go. It’s better now

  14. Brad Donaghy says:

    WOAH!!!!! Can’t see anything for a second there

  15. Brad Donaghy says:

    When goes to the orange screen and then the map it gets ridiculously blurry btw

  16. Theresa Blue says:

    That’s weird. Your last lets play was longer than a half an hour.

  17. Theresa Blue says:

    Yeah that’s the last one I saw. The mario maker

  18. Brad Donaghy says:

    Is this a 4 player game?

  19. Theresa Blue says:

    I gotcha. Can you do another one right after? Or do they limit how many times you can stream videos?

  20. Brad Donaghy says:

    Hey Melissa! Super belated Congrats lol

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