Super Mario 3D World with Matthew Borelli. Come hang out! | Super Joe Pardo: Business Coach & More

Super Mario 3D World with Matthew Borelli. Come hang out!

Super Mario 3D World with Matthew Borelli. Come hang out!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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  1. Brad Donaghy says:

    Thanks for the bday wish the other day too man. Appreciate it

  2. Brad Donaghy says:

    Yeah man. Just been working and going to school

  3. Brad Donaghy says:

    Well that and getting ready for your new bambino too! That’s gonna be awesome! Your gonna be an amazing dad

  4. Brad Donaghy says:

    No problem man. Just the truth. That’s a beautiful name too. Who’s there playin with ya?

  5. Brad Donaghy says:

    MLG PRO MANEUVER right there

  6. Brad Donaghy says:

    2 pro moves in a row there

  7. Brad Donaghy says:

    Also not a fan of the lag

  8. Theresa Blue says:

    Tell me next time you guys are playing I’ll come over. Also hi

  9. Brad Donaghy says:

    That’s pretty sweet. I agree tho. If you wanna chill sometime and do games lemme know I’m totally down

  10. Brad Donaghy says:

    Ok well next Monday if I’m not working lemme know what time and I’ll try to make it over. Haven’t seen your new digs yet either

  11. Brad Donaghy says:

    And the screen is blurry

  12. Brad Donaghy says:

    Lil bit. Like Vaseline on the screen

  13. Brad Donaghy says:

    There ya go. It’s better now

  14. Brad Donaghy says:

    WOAH!!!!! Can’t see anything for a second there

  15. Brad Donaghy says:

    When goes to the orange screen and then the map it gets ridiculously blurry btw

  16. Theresa Blue says:

    That’s weird. Your last lets play was longer than a half an hour.

  17. Theresa Blue says:

    Yeah that’s the last one I saw. The mario maker

  18. Brad Donaghy says:

    Is this a 4 player game?

  19. Theresa Blue says:

    I gotcha. Can you do another one right after? Or do they limit how many times you can stream videos?

  20. Brad Donaghy says:

    Hey Melissa! Super belated Congrats lol

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