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Successful Serial Entrepreneur Robert Hartline

Robert Hartline

Robert Hartline’s experience has helped him build a $24 Million revenue a year company!

Robert Hartline is an experienced and successful serial entrepreneur based out of the Greater Nashville Area, with a total of $24 Million in revenue a year. In 1998 he started his first company, Absolute Wireless, which now owns and operates 15 wireless retail stores throughout Tennessee as well as 2 Dang It Repair locations specializing in phone and technology repair services. Robert is also the founder of CallProof, a smartphone application dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of outside sales teams for businesses all over the United States. What impressed me the most with Robert Hartline is his expertise around sales and how to build an effective sales team – even for small business owners / solopreneurs who don’t think they have the budget for hiring a sales person. Robert has many case studies and examples he shared with me where he’s been able to help small businesses grow by training and growing their sales team using his methodology. I have a feeling that your audience would really enjoy learning from him as well.

Matt and I talk about a ton of topics that have been burning on my mind this past week!

  • New drinking cup
  • Speaking at PodTalk Philly
  • Speaking at Hopeworks in Camden NJ
  • Speaking at the UN
  • Shortlisted for a talk with 450 community leaders and volunteers award ceremony
  • July is the month I plan to start releasing more content to
  • Demolition Movie: stop existing through life and notice things!!!
  • Question: do you get nervous before you go and speak?

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