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Successful Actor Tommy G. Kendrick

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Successful Actor Tommy G. Kendrick

Tommy G. Kendrick a professional actor who has made a career doing what he
Tommy G. Kendrick is a professional actor who lives in the Austin, Texas area.
Tommy has been in the acting profession since the late 1970s and is a longtime
member of  SAG and AFTRA.  Tommy was a founding member of the Austin Actors
Conservatory and has served as chair of the AAC Education Committee.

Tommy G. Kendrick is represented for all media by Collier Talent in Austin,
Texas. If you are a low budget producer and you don’t understand how to or if
you can work with a SAG-AFTRA member actor, contact me. I’ll be happy to point
you toward some helpful information that will allow you to make the most
informed decision for your project.

Matt and I take the first hour and a half to talk about a ton of topics that
have been burning on my mind this past week!

2nd Anniversary of Dreamers Podcast May 20th <a href="http://” >
over $1,000 for Give Kids the World
The Temps movie hitting number 1 in romance comedy on iTunes
I think it’s sad when people have told me that they found their purpose once
they had their kids.
Prince died.
What stuff I have been selling on Amazon and why I chose to use Amazon to sell
my stuff over eBay and Craigslist. I’ve *never* purchased anything used on
Amazon, and can’t say I’ve even considered it. So I don’t know if you’re talking
books, 10 year old computer stuff, or 3 month old stuff that might even still
have a box. 🙂 – Shane
Dealing with fake people.
Unfriending those fake people on Facebook.

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