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Super Joe Pardo offers a premium experience for business owners to promote their expertise, and journey on his proven platform. Since May 2014, Super Joe has been delivering consistent, valuable content for business owners to sink their teeth into for both their business and life.

The packages below are designed to deliver the maximum amount of exposure out of your product, services, expertise and story. Want to learn more about why Super Joe charges sponsorship fees? Click here to read an open letter written in February, 2018.

Remember that this is an advertisement expense and can be written off (in most cases) for your business.

Once you decide on your package, you can scroll down further to the submission form and select your package there. Payment is secured through Paypal. After the submission form and payment are completed you will receive an email with a schedule link and all of your information.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to highlighting you and your business!


  • Jordan Gross
    “Super Joe Pardo expressed such an extraordinary level of candor, excitement, and wit in his communication before, during, and after our podcast interview for Getting COMFY.  Before our interview, he was incredibly responsive, honest, and seemed genuinely excited to talk with me, which was totally refreshing.

    Joe recently changed to a pay to play model for his podcast, which may make some of you awesome guests out there hesitant to participate, but believe me, Joe makes it worth your time. He is well-prepared, organized, and makes sure you get everything out there that you want to say and promote. Additionally, he is 100% forthright about why he is charging you money, which is admirable and not something many would do. Thanks Joe!

    During the interview, he is just as excited as he was in his lead up emails! He clearly did his research on me and my topic, and although there was a set structure to our conversation, there was also so much fluidity bringing up new things because he is so easy to talk to.”

    Jordan Gross
    # 1 Best Selling Author of Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness







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Interviewed by award-winning, host Super Joe Pardo with the 12th Annual 2017 Podcast Awards.

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Show off your journey and your expertise in two episodes with a ton of Facebook exposure.

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