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Stop Treadmilling on Zero in YOUR Business!

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Stop Treadmilling on Zero in YOUR Business!

In business it can be hard to see how all of the little wins add up to big wins.
I want you to stop treadmilling on zero with your business and add up all of the
sales and wins that you’ve had for the calendar year. So when someone stops you
and asks how it is going, you KNOW how it is going. You are left guessing,
leaving doubt in the other person’s mind that you know what you are doing. It
can hurt your thought process too if you  constantly feel like you aren’t making
money or enough money. Stop looking for that home run when it comes to sales and
success (whatever success looks like to you). I will talk about success in an
upcoming episode!

On a side note, I hope you are all enjoying these mini episodes that I am
publishing to YouTube. Please let me know what you think in the comments or
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Episode 249
[00:00:00],380 — [00:00:08],570
everybody i think i just started Ava I’m
Joe Pardo and this is ava and today I

[00:00:08],570 — [00:00:15],349
want to talk about tread milling on 0
and what I mean by that is if you’re in

[00:00:15],349 — [00:00:18],890
a business you’re trying to start a
business or you’re just

[00:00:19],429 — [00:00:22],819
hey my trying to run i’m trying to sell
these books or I’m trying to sell these

[00:00:22],819 — [00:00:28],849
products and you get in the mindset of
like and I’ve been there of like I’m

[00:00:28],849 — [00:00:34],490
treadmill 10 i’m not making any money
even though I you you something we’re

[00:00:34],490 — [00:00:38],750
going through these ups and downs like
hey I’m selling a book i think of books

[00:00:38],750 — [00:00:41],570
a great example because when you’re
selling the server like you’re some

[00:00:41],570 — [00:00:45],800
really really expensive services
sometimes it’s it’s like hey well it’s a

[00:00:45],800 — [00:00:49],970
thousand-dollar service well that’s a
thousand dollars that’s awesome but if

[00:00:49],970 — [00:00:53],600
you’re looking at it something from like
a book standard words like i’m only

[00:00:53],600 — [00:00:58],310
making like three dollars per block or
five dollars per book you know when

[00:00:58],310 — [00:01:02],480
you’re when you get lost in the weeds of
everything you’re like oh man at the end

[00:01:02],480 — [00:01:06],109
of the year you like I didn’t make any
money and and sometimes it’s because we

[00:01:06],109 — [00:01:10],68
have this this idea in our heads that
were we need to make a million dollars

[00:01:10],69 — [00:01:14],450
or maybe not a million but like 30,000
40,000 50,000 something that could

[00:01:14],450 — [00:01:18],409
replace what our turn jobs or current
positions or whatever we’re currently

[00:01:18],409 — [00:01:24],79
doing to bring in money is but we need
to stop treadmilling on 0 because just

[00:01:24],79 — [00:01:27],589
because we’re not making that that
number all at once we don’t like to put

[00:01:27],590 — [00:01:28],969
this book out BAM

[00:01:28],969 — [00:01:32],298
I got hundreds and hundreds of people
downloading this book i’m making three

[00:01:32],299 — [00:01:37],340
dollars a person and I’m and I’m ready
to make it all right Ava I’m ready to

[00:01:37],340 — [00:01:41],869
make all this money happen i’m gonna
quit my job and quit when i’m doing and

[00:01:41],869 — [00:01:45],289
and boom we’re just gonna sell these
books from now on just because that

[00:01:45],289 — [00:01:47],389
doesn’t happen overnight

[00:01:47],389 — [00:01:51],740
I mean obviously you know success
doesn’t happen overnight but my point is

[00:01:51],740 — [00:01:55],818
is that just because you’re not getting
that that instant gratification of like

[00:01:55],819 — [00:02:01],99

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