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Stephen Warley with Life Skills That Matter

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Stephen Warley with Life Skills That Matter

Very excited to have Stephen Warley join me on the Dreamers Podcast today to
talk about his latest project Life Skills That Matter! Check out his past
episodes of the Dreamers Podcast here where I interviewed him while he was still
part of and here where we talk about everyday minimalism.
About Stephen Warley
Stephen Warley founded Life Skills That Matter to help 1,000 people become
self-employed over the next 3 years. He has been successfully self-employed for
the last 16 years. He has conducted extensive research and experiments to show
people how to make the leap from employment to self-employment by learning how
to design business models based on their values, needs, abilities and habits.

Connect with Stephen Warley at
Other helpful tools from Life Skills That Matter:
The 10 Life Skills That

Self-Assessment Inventory (everything you should learn about

Lifestyle Calculator

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