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Spaghetti Storage

I’m sure most of you out there probably have a tote or chest of some sort filled to the brim with cables and wires. Which of course, can range from RCA cables of all different lengths to ethernet cables, and even adapters.

I used to keep mine in a plastic tote, like this one.
Plastic Tote

As you may know you can take all of the cables out you want, and retie them tightly. Though, the next time you go digging through the tote, it’s a jumbled spaghetti mess for the second time you goto find a cable.

My fiance wasn’t using a plastic tote that is shallow and designed to fit clothes. I decided that this type of tote would be much better for trying to keep my cables organized. So, going through my cables I got rid of quite a few excess, and kept just what I thought I needed.

What’s nice about this is it’s shallow, so that you don’t dig deep to find the cable you are looking for. And it opens on both sides so you can quickly access cables that you are looking for without digging.

Please post in the comments, how you keep your spaghetti storage straight, as well as pictures! I’d like to see what everyone has come up with to store their precious cables and connectors!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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