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Shannon Martin has been working in marketing and communications for over 15 years, helping businesses communicate their messages and build community. Shannon is Podbean’s Director of Communications, serving as a liaison to the podcaster community. Shannon has worked closely with the development team and podcasters on Podbean’s platform and programs, which have expanded from podcast hosting to a suite of monetization services. She also leads Podbean’s educational and promotional efforts. Shannon writes for, the Podbean site and other industry blogs/publications, as well as speaking at podcasting events.

Shannon also serves as the Director of Communications for EasyLiving and Aging Wisely, where she writes on elder care and healthcare. She does freelance projects ranging from a medical clinic blog to crowdfunding campaigns.

Shannon has extensive experience in blogging, digital marketing, writing, editing, and public relations. Shannon’s writing has been featured on,, Business Leader, Huffington Post, Amateur Traveler, Shanghai Family, and various industry publications.

Shannon graduated from Wake Forest University with a B.A. in Psychology & Sociology and received her Master’s in Social Work and Gerontology certification from University of Georgia. She is a Hootsuite Certified Social Media Specialist.

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