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Live the Fuel like Scott Mulvaney!

Scott Mulvaney

Scott Mulvaney’s philosophy is to #LIVETHEFUEL helping others Live The Fired Up Epic Life. He’s here to FUEL your Health, Business, Lifestyle as the Host of the LIVETHEFUEL Podast! Scott’s years spent in sales and marketing are channeled towards helping businesses Control How You Exist online and the marketplace.

Scott’s professional experience spans 20+ years having conquered roles in sales, marketing, coaching, training, leadership development and fitness. He is a techy, adrenaline junkie athlete, with a passion for self development and growing others success with his own.

His endless personal development efforts are focused on public speaking, social media branding and online marketing. Scott has succeeded in multiple roles with major worldwide companies including T-Mobile USA and ADP Corporation. His limitless energy is fueled from coaching health and fitness in his free time, focusing on CrossFit, USSA Ski Racing and Cycling. Scott has strong beliefs in balancing life with philanthropic activities, having served as a board member, volunteer, and team builder with multiple 501(c)(3) organizations. His diverse background includes having served in public service as a Hotshot Wildland Firefighter with the US Forest Service as well!

Scott W. Mulvaney competes in all types of action sports, especially endurance and adventure. Some of his accolades include completing the Marine Corp People’s Marathon, multiple half marathons, Ragnar 200 mile relay, Leadville Mountain Bike Races, and multiple OCR Races including Tough Mudder, Spartan, and more. He is an avid mountain biker having competed in multiple races in GA, CO, and AZ and multiple 100-175 mile road cycling events to benefit the National MS Society, American Diabetes Association and other charities.

Scott holds a BS degree in Marketing with a focus on Psychology from DeSales University as well as two years in Engineering studies at Penn State University. He also holds education in Leadership and Electronics Technology.

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