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Glowing Review by Podcast Discovery Center Co-Founder Scott Doucet

Scott Doucet

I’m always honored when people let me know how much they enjoy my work. I was delightfully surprised over the weekend when a friend of mine out of no where wrote a glowing review for my first book 31 Life-Changing Concepts! Thank you Scott Doucet for the kind words they are much appreciated.

While I was on vacation, I opened up Joe Pardo’s 31 Life-Changing Concepts.

There is a lot of big things happening in my life presently and was feeling really overwhelmed by how complicated things can get. I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the concepts in the book and by the time I was finished (it only took a half hour to read) I was relaxed and had that feeling of “I got this”.

Joe is one of Podcasting’s “Unsung Heroes”. He doesn’t walk around pounding his chest, touting his accomplishments or dragging other podcasters through the mud. He’s done a lot of amazing work with charities, has been involved with music, web development, and hosting the Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference. The guy is always up to something impressive, and is one of the most helpful people I’ve met.

Big thanks to Anthony Hayes for making the introduction, and giving me Joe’s book as a birthday present. It was there just when I needed it.

Also: thank you Joe for writing such a simple masterpiece. I’ll be picking it up often when things get to be too much.

Scott Doucet

Check out Scott Doucet and Anthony HayesPodcast Discovery Center. I have been a member pretty much since the beginning. It is a great resource and community for anyone looking to learn more about getting into podcasting.

Also, if you are looking at starting a podcast you should check out my Simple Podcasting Course

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
A sixth-generation business coach who works with owners to help them build their business for their lifestyle. Click here to learn more about my story!

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