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3 Ways to Save Time Planning a Corporate Retreat

save time planning a corporate retreat

Want to learn how to save time planning a corporate retreat for your organization?

Corporate retreats are beneficial for teams on many levels. From helping new recruits get trained up, to helping train up mid-level performing teams to make the high-level performing teams, to rewarding teams who are have gone above and beyond their expected performance. Here are some tips on how to save time planning a corporate retreat for your team!

1. Start with interviews.

Once you have decided to have a corporate retreat the best way to save time and create an unforgettable and effective experience is to interview the team members going. Having a feel for the attendees and what their specific needs and wants are to ensure you won’t be wasting time down the road in the planning.

Get to know what the team wants to learn while on retreat and what they want to experience. Getting clear on their expectations enables you to find the right experts to bring to the retreat. No time wasted looking up golf courses for social time if you know ahead of time that the team would rather be go-karting or taking in a sports event.

2. Have a plan of action.

In a previous post, I talked about 3 steps to pulling off the perfect corporate retreat. I highly recommend that if you are going to take on putting together a corporate retreat for your organization that you build a plan based on the interview process you conducted with the team members. Nothing is worse than wasting your time and their time on a retreat that isn’t going to work on the key issues that the team needs and feels it needs to address.

Building a plan of action for your corporate retreat is the best way to save time and ensure the best experience for your team. Understanding how far away the team is able to travel helps you narrow down the options you need to evaluate for a location. Once you have the location laid out you can focus on bringing together the specific facilitators and experts needed to accomplish the desired goals of the retreat.

3. Hire a corporate retreat consultant.

Working with a professional facilitator means that you are able to pick the perfect theme and central topic to focus on. Pulling out the specific needed topics top cover, ahead of the retreat. Your team will be prepared for what will be discussed while on the retreat. Communicating ahead of the retreat with the facilitator will enable your team gain confidence in what they will accomplish.

Sum it up.

Don’t waste time from the start if you want to save time planning a corporate retreat. Interview the team members that are going to go on the corporate retreat to help customize the experience to their wants and needs. Build a plan of action for ensuring a great informative and transformative corporate retreat. Finally, if you want to make the process as effortless and unforgettable as possible hire a corporate retreat consultant.

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