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Now you MAY think this is due to me being a sucky dj. But quite the contrary. This is a long story of how I had to run for my life at the end of a gig! Read on to hear about my entire night. Ok, heres the scenario. I made contact a few weeks ago with a guy named Craig who has been throwing parties at this Apartment in Glassboro, NJ. Mostly college kids show up to drink, play beer pong and the alike. A lot of their parties get pretty crazy. Anyways, this past saturday night was no acception. It was Mark’s and this other girl’s birthday so they were celebrating that for the party. And Craig wanted me to spin for it. I said, yes even though two weeks prior I had a problem over at the same apartment, same people..Only that time the cops showed…Really early at like [11:30] before the party even happened. And they just kicked everyone out, I wasn’t even questioned or anything even though the apartment owner (Mark) wasn’t there. Anyways, I was told that this time there wouldn’t be any problem with people calling the police since there wasn’t anyone home around the area since it was Easter Weekend and all. So I decided to do it anyways. (For this event the agreement was I wanted tips, but no set fee).

So I get there and had a few people help me unload, I setup everything in the corner of the living room, right next to the sliding door which goes out to the balcony overlooking the parking lot..And the road which the cops would have to travel down (kind of a distance from the apartment). Which was good so I could see what was going on, and get the music killed and get everyone out before the cops had time to get up into the apartment. The party started off slowly, with people slowing showing up. By around midnight the party really got off and I had everyone going. Though, at that point I really had to pee…And the bathroom was through a crowd of about 90 people in this tiny apartment. So, luckily a friend of mine, Kevan, just happened to be there. So I let him grab the decks for a few minutes, and I ran to the bathroom in the hall way. I knocked on the door and the door opened. There was like 5 girls in the bathroom all talking or some shit with the door locked. I explained that I was the dj and needed to use the bathroom…NOW.

Well, that wasn’t happening, so they pushed me off into the other bathroom in the apartment in one of the bedrooms. I got there and there was a girl standing infront of it saying how someone was in there already. So I knocked on the door and this guy peaked his head out and said that his girlfriend was peeing and that they would be out in a minute. I was like… . So I asked the girl infront of me, if I could go infront of her because I was the dj and needed to get back to the decks. She gladly agreed. The guy and girl came out, and I stepped in…to a puke filled bathroom. I peed and got out asap. I pushed my way back to the decks. People were standing outside on the steps to get up into the apartment. It was completely nuts. So, a little bit later this guy Eddy got on the mic and was emceeing for me. He was pretty nice, and a really cool guy, probably one of the better things that happened throughout the night. Because a lot of the night I was running into problems with people going right up into the crappy Folding table that I had to use (which was beat up) to spin on. I mean at one point this girl was pretty much grinding with my table and yeah…The decks didn’t like that, it skipped like hell. Also, a lot of alcohol was splashed around and some of it got onto my decks, a few of my vinyl, and my monitor. So I was peeved about that, but I was too concerned with watching for the cops out the window.

LoL, most of the time I had my head turned to the side looking out the porch window for the cops. So around 1 am the party got really crazy, people standing up on the couches, and on the entire floor was bouncing up and down. Around 2 am there was a small fight that got pushed to the outside. My contact Craig got 2 bottle smashed over his head, and ended up leaving. But the party picked up steam quickly, then [2:45] happened. ANOTHER fight broke out, this time it was almost disastrous becuase the one guy almost through the other guy into my table!!!!! But they too got pushed out the door and to the outside. Then Mark kicked everyone out of the apartment except for people who were with someone who he knew. So there was about 15 people sitting inside the room. I started to break down, while the cops showed up and directed people to get out of the parking lot. Luckily, the cops didn’t come up into the apartment. At this point I was done breaking down, the cops had left and only a few people were standing outside of the apartment (downstairs). So I had some people take stuff down and out to my car. I was coming back up stairs to grab my last Mackie SRM-450 and the speaker stand, because I handed my other Mackie to someone to carry down and my other crate of records. So I get the speaker off and am about to start walking to the door when… ANOTHER @..$)ing FIGHT broke out!

This time, there was like 8 people involved inside the apartment. I was like “Alright, its time for me to go, the cops are going to come back!”. I started my way to the door when..BAM this kid got hit right in the face and went straight down!!!…Infront of the door. so I was like “HOLY @..)(!” He got right back up and went back at the kid that hit him, moving out the way for me! I get out the door where a lot of the girls were sitting there crying and screaming becfause their boys were fighting inside. I look down the stairs..And I see my other Mackie sitting there. So I’m like…”DAMN IT!!”. I make my way down the steps and get to the speaker. At this point, the girls ran down the stairs behind me because the fights made their way out the door!!!! I tried handing the speaker stand off to someone to carry to my car (which wasn’t more than 100 ft away).

But none of the girls were even paying attention to me. I look up at the balcony and just as I look about half way up I see someone stick there arm out and point down at me and shout “GET THAT ..f***ing DJ!!!”……ME = Scared Shitless!!!!! So I throw the stand under my left armpit and grab the other Mackie in my left hand and start (slowly) making my way to the Mini (My car). Stepping over all the glass and that was all over the place from the fights. About half way to my car I turn around to see one of the kids getting pushed into the stairs’ railing and the railing GAVE WAY and broke off!!!!!!! I dont know if he fell off (he was about half way down the stairs) when this happened. I turned my head back around and ran to throw my stuff into my mini..But it wasn’t fitting right (my car can fit a lot…If you set everything just right… Definitely not something to do in a rush .) Then the riot pulle into the street (they went out another way from the inside of the apartment area down, so instead of coming out the way I did, they came out another way, onto the street rather than the parking lot…They were a nice little distance away from me. But I still was rushing around to get the ..$*..( out of there!!!! I finally managed to get packed up, when this kid Jaime came over to make sure I was ok. And then he said “You better get out of here man! The girl called her brother and told him to come with his gun!” Me = Completely freaked out at this point… I get into my car and put the pedal to the metal! I called Vernon (DJ EJ20) ASAP! And explained what happened to me. He sounded disappointed when I called him at 3 am and I wasn’t shot…(Here you go Vernon! ).lol

I finally got home around 3:30 am and got to bed around 4 after numerous calls to Craig to try and find out what the happened. He didn’t answer though. What a crazy night. Then my dad woke me up at 8 am to go get breakfast (we usually do on sunday mornings). lol So only 4 hours of sleep for me. Well, I hope you enjoyed my LONG story. Maybe you could share yours or maybe just some . Thank you for reading this, and thank god I’m still alive! As you can probably imagine, I won’t be doing anything like that again, that was it for me!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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