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Rising Hip-Hop Artist Davon Music!

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Rising Hip-Hop Artist Davon Music!

Leaving a thriving college career behind to pursue his dreams of rapping
professional, Davon music is making his dreams a reality!

I love getting to promote local talent to me! Davon music has recently been
making it’s way up the charts on mtvU. Check out this article talking about a
recent online competition that his song Beautiful Day
won! http://www.mtvu.com/music/davon-wins-this-round-of-the-freshmen/

You can listen to Beautiful Day in the beginning of this episode. So what are
you waiting for, click the play button above and let Davon music into your
Hailing from South Jersey, by way of Puerto Rico, Davon is an Emcee who believes
in the power of positive music. Influenced by the Hip Hop pioneers as a kid, he
strives to continue their legacy by making music that is inspirational to his
fellow artists and fans alike. Just hit play, and then repeat, because we know
you’ll want to listen again and again.

As per his Management, A Tree Grows Music Group:

“Davon is making strides very quickly. Only being “in the game” for a little
over two years now, he consistently packs out shows, with one of the best
performances that A Tree Grows Music Group has seen thus far. We promise you
will be hooked from first listen, and we couldn’t be more proud to have Davon as
a part of our ever growing musical team.
Episode 167

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