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Ray Higdon From Foreclosure To Fiji

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Ray Higdon From Foreclosure To Fiji

Ray Higdon “plays big”, getting to speak at conferences with super star

Ray Higdon has had a tough life up until  just a couple years ago. Being abused
as a kid to going through deep depression as an adult. Ray found his way when he
decided to leave his career in the housing market to pursue his own

Getting a letter just two weeks after his speaking event he gets an email about
how an attendee made 25,000$ in two weeks, when the previous year he made
34,000$ total. Ray is a down to earth person who has big dreams that he achieves
with focus and drive. He attributes his drive and focus for his success as he
admits he isn’t naturally talented.

Getting to chat with Ray Higdon was a pleasure! There is a lot to be learned
from focused individuals such as him.

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Episode 55

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