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Adventurtorium: A Disney Musical Adventure



Video is compliments of the talented Jerry Skids!



Disney Music mashups arranged to Disney Pixar’s Up! It was created with two turntables, a mixer, Serato, and Audacity!


The complete album is 1 hour and 49 minutes long!


  • DisLIZney's Review [expand title="Read here"]

    DisSONGSney: Adventurtorium!

    Before we start Let me ask you some questions:
    1. Do you like Disney Pixer's Up?
    2. Do you like Disney's Song book?
    3. Do you like new experiences?
    If you said yes to any of those questions then this new album Adventurtorium is the newest addition to your Disney music collection.
         I must say when I was asked by djRom to preview the album and write a review on it; I was delighted and happy to oblige but I didn't know what to expect.  It turns out I was pleasently surprised, I love the interpretation and I think djRom is on to something.  A new way of story telling through song.  The best part of it all is hearing all your favorite songs from Disney in the retelling of Up.  I challenge you to see how many you recognize (There are so many, I love it!).
         You get the entire story of Disney Pixar's Up with a twist.  You get a great variety of Disney music from other Disney classics, as well as a few songs thrown into the mix that are just plain fun.  All of the songs used fit perfectly into the story it is like Up the musical!   The mixes of the Disney music is just that an upbeat, exciting, new way to experience them.
         As djRom's description of the album tells us, the tracks were mixed using two turntables, mixers, Serato, and Audacity.  Although seemingly effortless, this in no way was an easy album to put together.  I must say it came together beautifully and as I said effortlessly.
         I think any Disney fan or anyone who appreciates Disney music will enjoy this album and I haven't even told you the best part of it all.  The best part is that 25% of the cost of the album will be donated to Give Kids the World, a fantastic organization whose purpose is to fullfill the wish of children who are terminally ill and dream of going to Walt Disney World.
      The cost of the album is extremely reasonable (only $10) and you get:
              - 2 hand colored Discs
              - 4-panel hand-drawn CD wallet
              - 35 wonderful tracks
              - For a teaser check out
       But don't wait to order this album because it is a limited edition, only 500 copies are being made!
    I plan to make this spectacular album a part of my Disney Music Library.  My favorite tracks so far are number 16 and 17 (I will wait till the album releases to tell you the names.)  Put April 14, 2014 at 4:14 p.m. Eastern in your calendar right now because that is when the album will be released!  Also, If you like to hear a preview before purchasing visit radio on April 13th at 8 a.m. Eastern.  #Adventurtorium24 is the 24 hour Adventurtorium release event where you can preview the music.  Again I would not wait long to purchase as there are only going to be 500 copies. However, the album will be available for free from the Adventurtorium website.
    For the general Disney fan it is not enough to listen to all of our our favoritie Disney songs over and over.   We like to hear different interpretations and variations.  This album Adventurtorium definitely delivers when it comes to that.  Be the Disney Finatic that I know you are and purchase Advenurtorium.
    For more information:
  • The Adult Side of Disney Review [expand title="Read here"] O.K. – I’ll admit it – I had absolutely no clue what to expect when I was contacted by Joe Pardo/aka djRom and asked to review his latest mix, Adventurtorium. To be honest, I agreed to do it for two simple reasons – 1. It’s Disney based and we all know I love Disney, and 2. My son is a DJ with a few mix albums released so I am always willing to listen (even if I don’t like the music) and help promote.My first impression was – WOW! What a great idea! Here’s a little teaser for you:What a great way to tell the UP story! I read a recent interview djRom gave where he said he knew his mix had to tell a story since Disney is always about the story. This is without any doubt one of the most creative music mixes I have seen (and heard) in a long time!Joe Pardo is not only creative, he is generous too! 25% of the proceeds from each album sold will be donated to the Give Kids the World in Florida (non-profit organization that houses critically ill children and their families while they experience cost-free, pixie-dusted vacations).The album will be released as a limited edition on 4/14/14 at 4:14 p.m. (EST) and sold directly by Joe. You can sign-up on the Adventurtorium teaser page to be notified when the album is released! No pre-orders. The cost will be $10 for:
    • 25% donated to Give Kids the World charity
    • Limited Edition, 1 of 500 copies
    • 2 full color hand-drawn discs
    • 4 panel hand-drawn CD wallet
    All lovers of Disney music should have this! [/expand]
  • Mr Tambo Review [expand title="Read here"]Inspiration arrives in different forms and the outcome can sometimes be surprising. DJ Rom has mixed together a Musical Experience taking inspiration from Pixar’s UP. The Production re tells the story of Up through a collection of ReMixed tracks. Each one takes audio from UP, Disney and Iconic Theme Park Attractions. The Collection of 35 tracks is available on a limited edition basis from April 14th 2014.

    For your $10, you will get:

    • 25% donated to Give Kids the World charity
    • Limited Edition, 1 of 500 copies
    • 2 full color hand-drawn discs
    • 4 panel hand-drawn CD wallet
    Adventurtorium - an UP inspired Musical The Cover art was designed by Matt Lewis

    The Tracks

    35 tracks is a mammoth project to approach, but the outcome has been successful. As with all Albums there are favourites formed over others. Some of the mixes are surprising some are VERY surprising. Without giving too much away what happens when ODB meets Ev’rybody has a laughin’ Place! The answer is revealed in Track 4. Track 8 : Columbo Numbus mixes Universe of Energy with Missy Elliot’s Work It with style. Arguably one of my favourites off the set. followed by Step in the right Direction with Blaque – 808 Joe Pardo (DJ Rom) has said in previous interviews that the whole project was focused upon Story. The Tracks that have been selected for the mixes where chosen to help tell the story of UP. Not just to add tracks for the sake of it.

    The Launch

    As of Sunday 13th April 2014 will be streaming the full album for 24 hours via On April 14th 2014 the album will be FREE to download as mp3 files via the website below. But if you would like to help raise money for Give Kids the World and get limited press CD and Wallet remember for the low fee of $10 you are getting so much more.


    You will also be able to help raise more money for Give Kids the world by bidding on the Cover Artwork from Adventurtorium. As of Sunday 8am and will be releasing a blog post that you need to comment on to Bid on. There is also another competition for sharing and liking the Adventurtorium posts on their Facebook Pages. So for a chance of getting your hands on some musical history check out the links above. Well Done Joe, we at Mr. Tambo love your creation. Contact DJ Rom for more details. Website: Facebook: Twitter: E-mail: [/expand]
  • Robin Skouteris Review [expand title="Read here"]Hey Joe Thank you for your reach-out!This is a very interesting project. I haven’t heard all the tracks yet, but I am halfway through. I like how it is inspired by Up, since its also one of my favorite animation movies, and I definitely like that you combine old and new stuff here. The mixing is really good. I believe the audio by itself doesn’t tell the movie’s story, but it could work as a great mixtape by itself. Its fun to listen to , and has some great ideas, I just am not sure if it has a narrative nature for somebody that is not very familiar with the movie. I haven’t seen the movie in years and it was a bit hard for me to see what each track represents, until i saw your pdf. Other than that, its a great mixtape, REALLY well mixed, and I love the fact that it has so many other disney references in there. This could be a whole series of mix tapes, inspired by movies! haha, think about it. With many clips from the actual film. Thank you for sending this, and asking my opinion, I appreciate it. And its really nice to see that you offer it to people, and you have included a great cause/ charity too. Hopefully I will find time to listen to the rest of it soon, I’m just caught up in 3 different things right now.Thank you again, I wish you the best for your project Greetings from Greece!xx R [/expand]
  • Tales From The Mouse House Review [expand title="Read here"] Think Disney's Up meets the world of music, and that's what you'll find when you listen to this one of a kind adventure in tune! Ok, I know, you're confused, but stick with me here.A few weeks ago, we received an email asking if we'd be interested in reviewing a pre-release of the latest mix from Joe Pardo (aka djRom). The title of this mix intrigued me: Adventurtorium! What attracted my attention even more was that this mix consists of Disney movie and Theme Park music, mixed with various instrumentals from the soundtrack of Disney Pixar's Up! Hmm, well, I do LOVE the movie Up. And, I do like music. So, I told Joe SURE! Shortly after I replied, Joe sent me the link to all the songs and let me tell you, I wasn't ready for what I heard.Now, before I go any further, let me describe the music djRom has created. He's taken some audio dialogue and instrumental music from Up, and mixed it with some very interesting stuff: some hip/hop style music; some electronic beats; songs from Theme Park attractions like Splash Mountain and The Enchanted Tiki Room (YAH!!); some mainstream music like Gangsta's Paradise, Stop, Look and Listen, The Real Slim Shady. Without listening, my first thought was 'huh?!'. I thought this just can't be any good. BUT...BOY was I wrong! You'd think that this mix of the instrumentals from Up and songs like Gangsta's Paradise just doesn't work, but it really does. Joe Pardo works his DJ magic and makes this eclectic mix of mis-matched music (wow, lot's of M's there!) work! I've never really been a fan of 'mix' music, but when created this way, yeah, it really makes me happy.  Joe mixed this album live on two turntables, a mixer and something called Serato (have NO clue what that is but it sounds COOL!)  Through this project, Joe has created a completely new way of enjoying this awesome Disney Pixar classic movie, and trust me, it does create a whole new level of emotion and adventure. You really are treated to the entire story of UP in a uniquely different and wonderfully imagined way!What makes Adventurtorium! an even better project is the genesis of the project. Joe Pardo's goal is to help raise money for Give Kids The World, a wonderful 70 acre nonprofit storybook resort, located in Central Florida, where children with life threatening illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost free vacations. Each CD set consists of 2 hand colored Discs (original artwork by Matt Lewis), 4 panel hand drawn CD wallet, 35 awesome songs, all for $10.00! And 25% of each album is donated to Give Kids The World!If you love Disney, Pixar, Disney Theme Parks, Disney Movies, Music or ANYTHING, this really is a must have to add to your Disney music collection. Be sure to tune in to Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland Podcast episode 91 to hear our chat with Joe Pardo and artist Matt Lewis! (yeah, shameless plug for the show).All in all, Adventurtorium! is really a terrific album and a one you truly must add to your collection. Plus, you'd be aiding a wonderful cause in Give Kids The World.  - Al [/expand]
  • Disneyland Gazette Review Disney Land Gazette Ep 181 [expand title="Read here"]
    Adventurtorium a Journey Worth Taking I’ve always had a problem with the term “concept album”. This is a phrase that has been used to describe works like Green Day’s “American Idiot”, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade”. These are all referred to as such because their lyrics tell one long story, however, those stories are usually so thin and vague that the concept of their concept is lost. I’d argue that djRom (real name, Joe Pardo) has actually created a the world’s first real concept album with the release of “Adventurtorium”. The album follows the story of Up through sound clips and mashups. Each track has the scene set courtesy of a snippet from the film and then the theme of that sequence is explored through various musical works. For example, following a clip of Russell’s first discovery of Kevin, we are treated to a remix of “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas mashed up with Outkast’s “Bombs Over Baghdad”. The vast majority of the “top layer” tracks used are Disney songs, both from other films as well as theme park attractions, but there are a few other pop songs thrown in for good measure. The underneath tracks are all mainly hip hop songs (ranging in popularity) and are only instrumentals added to bring out an unexpected side of these Disney classics. Perhaps my favorite of these was the Sherman Brothers’ “There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” which worked surprisingly well with the Dr. Dre produced beat from “Forgot About Dre”. It’s impossible to talk about this album without touching on the controversy of remix culture and “illegal art”. Afterall, unless djRom had all of the film clips, Disney song and pop songs cleared by their various artist and publishers, “Adventurtorium” is not technically legal. However, by sampling other’s works and putting it in new context, djRom makes the work his own. Only one section (a full play through of massive-hit “Let it Go” with only a few bars of added instrumental) felt unoriginal to me, and, thus, was my least favorite part. Not to get too nerdy or go too far down the rabbit hole, but when I got to the section “We’re Going to the Falls” which combines “Be Prepared” from The Lion King with Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity”, I couldn’t help but remember that Twista actually sampled Lenny Williams “Cause I Love You” to make that track his own. Really, djRom is doing the same thing here. Clocking in at almost two hours, “Adventurtorium” is actually longer than the film it’s borrowing from. While the album’s download includes a full track list, complete with credits for both halves of the mash ups, I’d recommend reading this only after you’ve listened to the album so every song choice and remix selection is a surprise. After all, that’s what a true Wilderness Explorer would do. “Adventurtorium” by djRom is available as a free digital download at A CD wallet will be sold and the proceeds will be donated to the Give Kids the World charity. [/expand]
  • My Pixie Dust Diary Review [expand title="Read here"] No one gets to go to Disney as much as they’d like to.  No one I know anyways.  We all want to be there more often.  To get our fix between trips or when we can’t watch our favorite Disney movie, we have to find ways to get through the “normal” every day life.  Adventurtorium is here to help!  They have a new Disney inspired CD that would help to pass the time before you’re able to make that trip or sit down to enjoy your favorite Disney movie.  Included are a wide variety of songs arranged in a very unique way – so unique that I really don’t have any to compare it to for you.  That means you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself!  One thing I love is that  a portion of the sales of the two disc CD set goes to Give Kids the World.  You can check out the songs included on the CD before you make your purchase (track six even includes “Let It Go” from this movie you might have heard of called Frozen!).  You’re also able to listen for free on line before you make your purchase so you’ll know how much you are going to love the CDs when they arrive.  At just $10 (with a 25% donation to Give Kids the World included!), this collection is a must have for the Disney lovers in your life. [/expand]
  • Modern Mouse Radio Review [expand title="Read here"]

    Fun Feature: Adventurtorium-An UP Inspired Musical

    Adventurtorium Running this site has given me the pleasure to meet many people from other Disney Fans to Imagineering Legends. Without this site, I’d still be a part of the Disney community, don’t get me wrong, but I feel as though I’ve been granted things I don’t necessarily deserve due to running One of those perks of running this website was bestowed upon me one month ago when New Jersey based DJ Rom, aka Joe Pardo, invited me to get a sneak peek at his latest mix tape titled Adventurtorium. Joe released Adventurtorium as a musical retelling of UP, the Pixar film where “adventure” is the name of the game! On April 14, 2014, he let the world hear his new masterpiece and for the most part, this mix knocks it out of the Disney park. If you haven’t seen UP, this may not be the thing for you, but if you’ve seen the film and know the story, his selections in composition make sense and are sure to delight. A mix of Disney tunes, pop music, and electronica, the album is sure to have something for everyone. It’s a lengthy listen and doesn’t truly work well if you don’t listen to the full album from start to finish, but it’s definitely worth the listen, even as a background piece in your day. adventurtorium-banner-watermark Coincidentally, Walt Disney Records released an electronic album one week after Joe’s Adventurtorium hit the virtual webspace. Disney’s D-Constructed brought together several electronica DJs to create a superstar record of Disney electronica, but unlike Joe’s masterpiece, D-Constructed doesn’t have the heart that a Disney fan and storyteller like Joe has. Adventurtorium does several things right that D-Constructed fails to do. Joe doesn’t mess with most of the original music, like chopping it up into sound bytes. Instead, Joe has decided to add drum and bass to many classic songs or blending those songs, allowing some of those “sing-a-long” classics to still be sung by the listener. He also tags in a few humorous moments from the film UP as well as in his musical selection. More or less, his timing is right and he transitions from one track to the next with ease. There are some lulls here though. I was turned off with some backbeat choices. There seems to be a few transitional moments of silence as well where I am taken out of the story of UP and back into the real world. Unfortunately for any naysayers, those are my only real gripes about Adventurtorium. It’s a bold undertaking for a musician and Joe Pardo has grabbed the bull by the horns, or maybe it’s the Snitch. I’m not sure. Either way, as Dug would say, “I just met this album and I love it!” Cover-In-300x168 I also must mention that an additional bonus comes with Adventurtorium. In buying the hard copy of the album (and getting the sweet colored pencil drawn cover) you are donating $2.50 to the charity Give Kids the World, which is a resort dedicated to giving children with life-threatening illness and their families the vacation of their dreams. It’s a great cause to support and you’ll get a great record to show for it. T-shirts are also available which includes that donation to Give Kids the World, and of course, you can download the album right from his site for free. Just head to and click the link. Do yourself a favor if you are a Disney or Pixar fan. Give this a listen and enjoy the smile it will bring to your face. Josh Taylor [/expand]

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