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The Best Credit Card Advice for Business Owners from Expert Polly Bauer

Polly Bauer

About Polly Bauer

Polly Bauer, award-winning author of The Plastic Effect and Credit Intelligence. She is the founder of the Credit Card Loss Prevention School and CEO of Polly Bauer & Associates, a credit card consultancy she established in 1995.

Cyber Security professionals call her “a springboard for a new level of understanding of how credit cards are used and misused,” and Knowledge Capital and Industry consultants praise her and her work because it’s “filled with the wisdom that can only come from a true insider. No one knows the credit card industry better than Polly.” She has identified sweeping industry trends in the fields of credit card fraud prevention and detection and as a merchant advocate specializes in loss prevention and customer payment data security.

As a key visionary and preeminent expert on credit cards operations and all forms of payment, Polly has directed the global expansion of e-commerce companies into 170 countries and currencies. And managed $950 million credit card portfolio for a billion-dollar corporation.

Polly Bauer’s genius — helping people think before they swipe and recognize the misconceptions they have about the use of credit. Her ability to strategically guide corporations and individuals through the maze of misinformation with true common sense, compassion, and humor is what sets her apart as an international corporate speaker and consumer advocate and media expert. Her focus on credit cards and how it affects consumer purchasing behavior has been presented to thousands of audiences around the globe.

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