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Founder and Host of The Spiritual Voice Pol Cousineau

Pol Cousineau

Pol Cousineau is a transformational leader and founder of both The Spiritual Voice and Sound of Prana!

Pol Cousineau began this work to bring clarity to his personal and professional lives and today he helps others do the same with simple, practical tools designed to enrich everyday experiences.

It wasn’t too long ago that he charged through the corporate world in pursuit of money, meaning, and freedom, but now he is using his skills as an educator and strategist—and the wisdom he has gained as a student of life – to bring deeper fulfillment to people just like you.

Matt and I take the first hour to talk about a ton of topics that have been burning on my mind this past week!

  • 2nd Anniversary of Dreamers Podcast May 20th raising over $1,000 for Give Kids the World
  • 3rd Book!?
  • Speaking at KiddiePreneur Expo in Freehold, NJ
  •  Sleep cycles and why they are important
  •  Marketing through cereal boxes and milk, sugar content and perception. (12g for 8oz, 3/4 cup 9 grams, recommended instake is 25-37.5 g per day)

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