Super Joe Pardo Winning Big with Creativity and Community on Podcast Junkies | Super Joe Pardo

Super Joe Pardo Winning Big with Creativity and Community on Podcast Junkies

Podcast Junkies with Joe Pardo

I am so excited to bring you a fun interview I did with my friend Harry Duran of Podcast Junkies. Below you can find everything we covered as well as the link to go and listen to the episode of Podcast Junkies with Super Joe Pardo!

Click here to listen

What We Covered:

  • [07:26] – The idea behind my Podcast Junkies t-shirts
  • [08:50] – Joe’s Mic Dropper shirt and creating shirts people want to wear
  • [11:18] – His MAPCON shirts
  • [14:01] – The origins of MAPCON
  • [22:37] – His knack for being a very generous host
  • [25:23] – What sets his conference apart from other podcast conferences
  • [26:43] – The “Dating Game” panel they created with podcast coaches & new podcasters
  • [28:13] – MAPCON’s, “Create a Podcast on the Fly” contest
  • [29:04] – One of the things he had to learn to improve MAPCON
  • [31:28] – Adding another day to MAPCON 2018
  • [32:54] – What drew him to DJ’ing early on in his life
  • [35:42] – When I first started DJ’ing
  • [38:46] – Joe’s Adventurtorium album and how it led him to start podcasting
  • [41:10] – His experience editing audio and how he got the idea for his podcast
  • [46:01] – The different types of series he’s done on his show
  • [47:29] – The new series he just launched
  • [49:21] – A common theme he’s noticed in his conversations on The Dreamers podcast
  • [51:57] – What drives him to keep writing books
  • [54:47] – His new book, Sales Won’t Save Your Business
  • [56:09] – Joe talks about the three other books he’s written
  • [01:00:14] – Joe’s two pieces of advice for content creators
  • [01:02:02] – Something he’s changed his mind about recently
  • [01:04:31] – The one most misunderstood thing about him

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