#PODatSchool #MiddleSchoolers #Podcast #HolyTrinitySquadCast Lesson 3 – Super Joe Pardo

#PODatSchool #MiddleSchoolers #Podcast #HolyTrinitySquadCast Lesson 3

Today’s goals
  • Picked a theme song
  • Voted for a host for the show
  • Voted for the first co-host which will be rotated from episode to episode
  • Voted on who would do the opening read for every episode
  • Figured out who would be doing the audio editing
  • Figured out who would do the website developement
  • Developed the opening
“From Holy Trinity Regional School Computer Club in Westville, NJ, put your hands together for the Holy Trinity SQUAD CAST!!”
Homework over Spring Break
  • design a logo

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