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Picking the right new computer system for your business

New Computer System

Are you feeling like it is time to upgrade to a new computer system?

I decided very early on in the decision process of returning to my family’s business that I wanted to bring a new computer system to the organization. I went through a pretty thorough inspection process of the current process the business uses to move customers through their system. Starting with paper tickets and ending with their text-based terminal window computer system that has been the same system used since the 80’s when my grandfather first go the computer system.

While I love the people who work and support the current system, it was time to not just find a system that helps with the workflow, but will enable the business to be done faster, more accurately, and allow more communication. To accomplish I created a wish list of features with number one being a website solution. Enabling our company to be able to interact with our system from any computer, tablet or phone. Having that main feature would allow us to deploy tablets to our workforce to increase communication and documentation workflow.

After widdling down my searches for a new computer system down to three different ones. I went in depth with each of their sales teams to gather as much information as possible for what I am looking to accomplish. Listen to the podcast or watch the video above to learn more about what I was looking for in a new computer system for my team.

Joe PardoWant help discovering and implementing a new computer system for your business successfully?

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