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Piano It’s What’s On Saturdays, Geoff Langley

Geoff Langley

When Geoff Langley first got to learn to play piano, it was something fun to do on rainy Saturdays, little did he know it would turn into his career!

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The Twenty Committee

Geoff Langley and I have been friends for over a decade, and I have gotten the privilege to watch him not only succeed at living out his dream, but come into his own musically. Finding himself leaving southern New Jersey to head up to New York City was a big step and so far success has followed. Geoff taking the leap and spending thousands of dollars to help him and his band produce their first album was an undertaking he seen as worth it, because of his passion and love of music.

I am really happy that Geoff Langley was able to finally about to take sometime to come into my studio and record this episode. I believe there is a lot to learn from his experience, even if you aren’t pursuing music as a career.

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Episode 132

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