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3 Steps to Pulling off the Perfect Corporate Retreat Experience

3 steps to the perfect corporate retreat experience

Want to ensure that your organization is talking about your corporate retreat experience for a long time?

There are several ways to go about constructing an unforgettable corporate retreat experience.

1. What is the goal of the retreat?

Think about who you are going to be sending out on the retreat. Why are these specific team members being chosen to go out on your corporate retreat in the first place? Is the retreat a reward for the excellence of the team? Has there been some tension amongst your team and you want to create a relaxing experience to help center the team and bring them back to understanding each other? Maybe you have a team that isn’t the top performing team and you want to create a relaxing experience for them that has lots of intense training baked in so they can achieve more once they return?

Once you know who the corporate retreat experience is for then you can decide on a goal.

2. Where do you want the retreat to be held?

Retreats can be held almost anywhere in the world. You need to decide what kind of an experience is going to provide for your team to maximize the effectiveness of the retreat. Sending your team to a hotel resort can be great for larger teams as they offer ample meeting space and accommodations. A hotel won’t necessarily accomplish the same level of relaxation, bonding and wow factor that bringing a team to a unique mansion for a few days will.

Opening up your options to a corporate retreat experience that is more unique will leave your team with unforgettable memories.

3. How will get the training needed for the retreat?

Your corporate retreat experience needs to not only be in a great unforgettable location, but the content has to be on point. Otherwise, all of your team members will feel they are wasting their time. Conducting surveys with your team can help them feel like their voice is heard and contributes to how they will be spending their retreat time. Having a survey will enable you to find out more information to allow your team to have the best chance of having the most pertinent trainers available on the corporate retreat.

Finding out after the fact that the trainer or pieces of training were not applicable is not beneficiary for anyone.

Sum it up.

Find out who you are going to be sending on the corporate retreat. What goal you are looking to accomplish for the team. Figure out an awesome destination for the retreat. It doesn’t have to be super far away to be effective, but finding a unique location can make all the difference instead of something generic. Finally, decide who is going to be conducting the training.

I hope this has helped you on how you are going to put together your corporate retreats going forward.

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