Paul Blais Living His Life 3 Months At A Time Due To Cancer

Paul Blais Living His Life Three Months At A Time Due To Cancer

Paul Blais

Living his life in 3 month increments due to repeat bladder cancer battle, Paul Blais remains positive.

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Paul Blais is the host and founder of Doubt the Doubts and The Potters Cast. Doubt the Doubts’ audience is a highly targeted group of “wantrepreneurs”, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. These people are action takers looking for the tools that will help launch their dreams to the next level. The Potters cast was born out a combination of Paul’s love of business and his love of clay. The Potters Cast is all about the love of clay and the how-to’s for the business of clay.

In this episode, Paul Blais talks a lot of about his battle with cancer. I am pleased to say that since this episode was recorded, everything has turned out ok for him.

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