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Patrick DeWane Performs His One Man Show “The Accidental Hero”

Patrick Dewane

Patrick DeWane documents his grandfather’s hero story in the form of an entertaining one man show!

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My good friend Kris Konop told me about two family members who are living their dream. This week I talk to Patrick DeWane about his one man show that he developed to tell the story of his grandfather saving a Czech Republic town in World War 2.

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The Accidental Hero is a multi-media one-man show about a WWII American officer who miraculously liberates the Czech villages of his grandparents.  It’s a true story, written and performed by his grandson.

Patrick Dewane’s grandfather refused to talk about his service in the war. Yet when he died, his basement yielded a treasure trove of typewritten accounts, photos and rare film footage.

Matt Konop carried by townspeople of Domazlice, Czechoslovakia, 1945.

Patrick Dewane brings this archival material to glowing life as an enthralling, humorous and heartwarming tale of miraculous escapes and astonishing coincidences. This touching show runs from belly laughs to tears. Dewane takes on a dozen different roles as he powerfully recounts his grandfather’s journey from Omaha Beach, the Battle of the Bulge, and the end of WWII. In the last week of the war, Konop’s story turns away from a soldier’s survival tale to something from mythology.  He discovers his lost identity, embraced by the tribe he never knew. Like Luke Skywalker, Konop thought he was just fighting the Evil Empire, in this case the Nazis. But unlike Skywalker, this story is true. His was an epic homecoming. As he freed the Czechs, they liberated him.

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