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Owner of Ocean Resort Casino Bruce Deifik and Casey Hoban Update

Bruce Deifik

About five days before my birthday (September 15th for people keeping track) I got a message from a previous guest and friend Casey Hoban. He asked me if I could come down to Ocean Resort Casino for a private party. I convinced Melissa that taking two kids to a casino on my birthday would be a good idea. My mom and stepdad joined us so that Melissa had extra help for when I would inevitably start talking to people and networking. We promised our oldest (Ava, 2.5 years old) that if she was good we would go to Ocean City, NJ later so she could go on rides (which we eventually did that night).

After hanging out at the party for a while and around the beautiful resort we decided to record a quick teaser for an upcoming episode of The Business Podcast. Included in this episode is, of course, Casey Hoban, but also Frank O’Brien CEO and Founder of Fiver Tier Marketing who I plan to do a full interview with at some point and the man behind Ocean Resort Casino, Bruce Deifik.

One of the great things I have heard about Bruce Deifik is that has constant visibility at the resort. He is highly involved and interactive with the people coming to the resort. Even at the end of this episode he had to go off because he was hosting a free alcohol event for his visitors that he needed to be at. I hope to have Bruce Deifik on the show for an interview at some point.

There are some big things coming down the pike, so stay tuned as I will be announcing it here on The Business Podcast!

Episode 362

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