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Orlando Mall Guide (OMG Malls) Grew From Mark Schaub’s Passion

OMG Malls

Mark Schaub had been told countless times to blog about his passion and it hit him one day passing his local mall that he should blog about Orlando’s Malls, and OMG Malls was born!

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Mark has just taken a huge leap, leaving his steady job to blog full time about Orlando’s Malls. His blog and podcast OMG Malls (Orlando Mall Guide) was born out of his love of growing up a mall rat. Mark has found success working on OMG Malls part time after work, but is now transitioning to making it his job. While he has not figured out how this will all work out yet, he does have a strong support group standing behind him.

I applaud Mark and talk to him regularly about his venture ever since meeting in Florida at the Podcast Florida conference.

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