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“Grow Up Not Out” – Plus 2 Comedy’s Noah Houlihan

Plus 2 Comedy

Noah’s love for comedy has taken him far, but selling batteries to people at Radio Shack is what he is most noticed for!

Noah, of Plus 2 Comedy, grew up with an image of Dennis Leary’s No Cure For Cancer stand up comedy routine, thanks to seeing his parents watching it one night as a young kid. It would be many years before he realized what he seen that late night as a child, but it helped shape his future!

Noah would eventually go on to start up a comedy group called Plus 2 Comedy which travels to anime, comic and video game conventions to tell their “nerd” based humor. Plus 2 Comedy has found huge success, and Noah talks about some of the great stories that have taken place before, during and after a shows at conventions.

On October 25, 2014 Plus 2 Comedy will be hosting a charity event called Extra Life Day! Where Noah and his Plus 2 Comedy comrades will be playing really hard games, and have to beat them within 24 hours or donate $100 to a video game based charity for kids! I am trying to see if I can be there but I am in Wil Leman’s wedding that day (who was on episode 25 of Dreamers Podcast) so if I am able to show it will be really late at night. So watch out for me popping up on their Plus 2 Comedy twitch.tv feed before the event is over! 

I am so happy that Noah was able to find the time to come hang out in my studio to chat about the life of a comedian! This interview is truly hilarious and I hope you all enjoy it!

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