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From Pizza Delivery Driver To Owning Multi-Million Dollar Companies with Nitin Chhoda

Nitin Chhoda

business optimization strategist

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About Nitin Chhoda

Nitin Chhoda is an immigrant who arrived in the US penniless in 2002, in a post 9-11 world. Delivered pizza, slept in his car, and didn’t have money for winter clothes, but always a hustler. Became a licensed physical therapist, entrepreneur, author and public speaker in 2007. Now owns and runs several multi-million dollar companies with 30+ employees worldwide.

He is the author of “Total Activation: The 5 Step Fitness Mantra”. It is a dynamic new approach to weight loss and personal wellness. It is a system modeled in three stages of change: Identity, Compare, Integrate (ICI) which has 5 components: Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual (EPSSI).

In connection, Nitin has created a skincare and nutrition line – products that work in synergy to activate the best version of you ( Since its launch in April 2014, our team has grown and our nutrition and skincare products have been purchased by thousands of customers largely by word of mouth. We have bootstrapped the entire way. We’re now happily providing nutrition and skincare products to customers in 7 countries.

As a licensed physical therapist, Nitin is also a co-owner of an industry-leading electronic medical records software, In Touch EMR (, which offers scheduling, clinical documentation, billing, practice management and referral generation modules for physical therapists.

From being a penniless immigrant to a licensed physical therapist who earns his millions mainly through entrepreneurship in just 15 years, Nitin has shown resilience and hard work actually pays off.

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