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Mastering Your Brand Across Multiple Businesses with Niel Guilarte

Niel Guilarte

When I first met Niel it was down in Orlando for a podcaster event. He asked to borrow my pen after a great lunch in Downtown Disney. I never saw that pen again…

Years later we have become good friends and have helped each other along our journeys. I’m so proud of the work he has done in the last few years of knowing him.

Today we discuss how to navigate having multiple streams of business under one brand so you don’t go confusing your customer base.

We also talk DJing, as we both have our roots in it.

About Niel Guilarte

Niel is the founder of Wildstyle Media, an award-winning media firm serving the Tampa and Orlando area. He is the director and editor of The Messengers documentary, host of the All Things Post Podcast and a founding member of the Florida Podcasters Association and heavily involved in Podfest Orlando.

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Episode 339

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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