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Nick Gelso of CLNS Radio

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Nick Gelso of CLNS Radio

CLNS Radio was born out of a love for the Boston Celtics that gave way to a
full-time podcasting company for Nick Gelso!

Today I got to learn the story of how Nick Gelso went from owning a restaurant
to finding out that podcasting was his next adventure. Talking about the Boston
Celtics was a passion of his that he has gone from one late night “radio” show
to a network of podcasts with a range of different topics. Nick also talks about
how he loves touching people’s lives by getting to work one on one with aspiring
podcasters at a very reasonable fee.

I also get to talk a little bit about my upcoming book Joe Pardo’s 31
Life-Changing Concepts which comes out April 6th! You can pre-order it today on
Amazon, just click here!

Episode 155

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