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Robert Kelly news segment interrupted by kids – Some Tips For The At Home Broadcaster

Robert Kelly news segment interrupted by kids

The video above has been shared on the internet and on the news a bunch since it happened. As someone who has been broadcasting from home for nearly three years and had a 1-year-old currently, I have some advice.

Once I had our first child, I learned to embrace the fact that my show couldn’t be in a bubble anymore. I included Ava in several episodes and interviews because instead of fighting for perfection I decided to accept the spontaneity of having a baby in the house and recording my show IN MY HOUSE. It helped me think on my toes even more, not getting as distracted when talking on a topic.


After reading this article from the dailymail, it is apparent that his kids thought he may have been on a video chat with their grandparents.

Tip 1

Get some headphones, I love my Shure SE215 in-ear buds. He could totally wrap them around the back of his jacket with an extension cable.

Tip 2

Lock the door.. and get a childproof door knob.

Tip 3

Only do these calls at your office… That isn’t at your house.

I am happy to see that apparently, he is taking all his viral status in stride.

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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