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Network Marketing To SocialMedia Marketing Company, Anthony Minaya

Anthony Minaya

Anthony Minaya may only be 23 years old and started in network marketing but he is well on his way to a success career as a global entrepreneur!

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Twitter @bringtheenergy

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I came across Anthony Minaya in one of the Facebook Groups I belong to. When I started seeing what he was able to accomplish with short powerful videos with positive messages empowering people to make smart decisions with their lives. I knew Anthony was a perfect fit to come on Dreamers Podcast! Surprisingly just a few days after we talked for the first time, I was hosting a meet up in Times Square with other podcasters and decided to invite him out to it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Minaya face to face for the first time at an NYC Meetup for my Facebook Group: Podcast Mid-Atlantic. Anthony Minaya is a very driven person, but totally understands the power and importance of his word. He also has a great understanding of his vision and where he wants to go in life, something many people lack regardless of age. Anthony is at the beginning of an amazing journey and I am so grateful to get to be a part of it!

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31 Life-Changing Concepts

Episode 160

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Super Joe Pardo
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