Naketa Thigpen beings balance to your life and more profits to your business! | Super Joe Pardo: Business Coach & More

Naketa Thigpen beings balance to your life and more profits to your business!

Naketa Thigpen

About Naketa Thigpen

Naketa Thigpen is a Balance and Relationship Advisor, author, sought-after speaker and host of the weekly podcast, Balance Boldly. Her purpose is to empower and motivate those willing to undertake the arduous pursuit of attaining the life they want. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Naketa forged a successful career helping families push through challenges caused by personal trauma, loss of confidence and fractured communication within their relationships. She would go on to take the best of her education, aptitude and experiences and found ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute, a sustainable holistic growth and development company that helps women in business and entrepreneurs transition through significant life change through micro-retreats and intensives that break the box of limitations, outdated norms and expectations that bound their brilliance and stifles growth.

Naketa has been featured on the Lifestyle Channel, a featured expert on dozens of terrestrial and online radio shows, and is the recipient of the NAACP 101 Top Influencers in Philadelphia and NAPW Women of Excellence awards. In designing real solutions to the real-time issues of today’s leaders, Naketa is determined to move her clients beyond excellence and into the rare air of greatness thru system implementation, mindset modification and balance.

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Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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