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I’m Getting My Own TV SHOW!

The TOP with Super Joe Pardo

I am still shocked this is actually happening!

I’ve been holding it in, but since production is about to start on my own TV show in the coming months and I am ready to take the lid off the details!!! The TOP will be airing on BizTV in Prime Time for 1 year with 26 episodes in the first season! The show will reach 44.3 million households across America in 40 markets as well as BizTV’s vast audience on streaming platforms like Apple TV and their website.

The TOP with Super Joe Pardo is coming to a TV near you! Helping struggling small businesses jump-start their growth! The TOP will have a raw/vlog feel to it and probably break the fourth wall every so often. I’m excited to get to bring my personality, sense of humor and most of all caring to this big stage.

Interested or know someone who would be interested in having their business featured on The TOP with Super Joe Pardo?

We are looking for businesses that are stalled or struggling to look for growth to keep going. Do you know a business or want your business to be featured on The TOP? www.SuperJoePardo.com/casting

How am I going to fund this?

Glad you asked! Part of this new chapter in my journey is having to come up with the funding for this project. A large part of that will be coming from sponsorships and advertisers who are looking to reach the target market of business owners and entrepreneurs. If you want to sponsor or advertise on The TOP and have your brand in front of 44.3 million households across America? Get the media kit: www.superjoepardo.com/kit

If you don’t have a business you want to spread the word about there are other ways that can absolutely help. I have enabled a way for supporters to get access to bonus content, deleted scenes, have your name in the credits of The TOP and much much more. You can get access to the monthly subscription here on Patreon with tiers ranging from 1$ to 100$.

I am so appreciative of you!

Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you reading this message. It is because of the love and support that I have received over the last 5 years that I have been able to get to this point in my career as a content creator and business consultant and coach. Helping others is what I set out to do every day and it is no different with this show. I’m looking to create and save jobs in the world with my experience and creativity.

So when does this start?

My director and I plan to start shooting footage for the show next weekend and within 3-4 weeks start shooting episodes at businesses.

Be on the look out for more info and video as we get closer to launch in the coming months!!! Please feel free to reach out to me in the comments below or via email.

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