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Non-Profit Gethrr Co-Founder and Photographer Michael McManus


Gethrr is a non­profit community movement dedicated to serving the needs of others through a monthly membership program!

Connect with Michael McManus and Gethrr

I love the work that Michael McManus is doing! Not only is his photography absolutely awesome, but he and his wife do a ton of good in the world with their non-profit organization, Gethrr. You need to check out their work by clicking on the connect button above.

In today’s episode I am adding a new feature to Dreamers Podcast. I will be delivering a weekly monologue in front of each episode where I talk about the progress I am making in making my own dreams into reality. But I don’t want to stop there (when do I ever stop lol), I want to answer your questions so please shoot me an email too I believe I forgot to mention the email address in the monologue. I will get better at that with practice. 😀

Hope you enjoy it and seriously, I want to hear from you! Yes you!

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Michael’s Wife Melissa says..

Michael is the wittiest person I’ve ever met. He truly lives life to the fullest, and he’s so amazing at appreciating each and every moment along the way. He’s spontaneous and loves road trips, as long as I do the packing…and the driving! He has no qualms about embarrassing himself, especially to get some giggles from our girls.

Michael inspires me every single day. He is honest and honorable and just an all-around good guy. He can — and does — see the best in everyone. This guy…he wants to change the world, and I feel so blessed to have him with me on our journey.


Episode 214

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