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Therapist, Actor, Host Matt Marr!

Matt Marr

Matt Marr is proudly following his dreams through acting, podcasting and being a therapist!

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Matt Marr’s bio:

I have been called the Gay White Oprah. Now I don’t really know about that, but I do love giving a place for people to share their story in the hopes of changing viewers lives for the better. I’m gonna let Oprah do her, and I’ll do me.

I grew in Southern Oklahoma and I just can’t seem to lose the accent. I’m a lover of stories. From my early days of acting, to getting my undergrad in Opera, to getting my Masters in Clinical Psychology and working with clients–stories are my life. If you found me in a breakdown, I’d be this guy:

THE GUY WHO CAN TALK TO ANYONE / HE ALWAYS CALLS YOU “SUGAR”.  People open up to him within 2 minutes of meeting him. His ideal night is having a glass of wine and knitting away at a baby blanket while watching old Wonder Woman re-runs, as his dog snores on the other end of the couch. Find him at a comic book store nerding out for hours. Also when he feels fat because he ate his feelings, going to Richard Simmons’ class in Beverly Hills is maybe one of the most joyous things anyone can do on a Saturday morning. He’s won 2 game shows and is kinda charmed that way. Hopeful. Caring. Warm. Great stand-up.

Before my interview with Matt Marr, Matt and I tackle the following topics:

  • How well do you know yourself? Read the article
  • Leo Winning The oscars and what it’s like to deliver over and over and getting looked over. Read the article
  • Update on selling my stuff
  • Working with Sarah Mckelvey and Alex McKelvey on
  • Shout out to Aimee J for sending me a wrist band and a card from Chasing Dreams.
  • Shout out to Eric P Thomas for sending me some Inspire swag!
  • The Slim Shady LP re-release on cassette tape
  • Business goals including writing 3 books this year! Read the article
  • Madoff is an perfect example of people all around you faking it.

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