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WDW Today Podcast Co-Host Matt Hochberg

Matt Hochberg

Bringing people together and making their vacations more magical through podcasting!

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Matt Hochberg has been doing WDW Today since it was first started in 2005. Originally WDW Today was set up to bring traffic to the websites that the hosts all ran. As it turned out, WDW Today became wildly popular in a time when podcasting was just getting started.

Today WDW Today runs three times a week, a once a month they have a live show, and they regularly do events in Disney World and New York City. Matt has been able to help bring a community of people together that stretches around the globe.

Finding himself impressed with the level of service and value of Royal Caribbean, he decided to start a news blog based around Royal Caribbean. This has also proven very successful for Matt.

I am very thankful for the great relationships that I have with the crew of WDW Today. As well as the people I have met and become friends with because of their wonderfully informative podcast. You can check out other episodes of Dreamers Podcast with the rest of the hosts here: Mike Scopa and Len Testa. I hope to at some point be able to get Mike Newell to come on Dreamers Podcast and talk about his wonderful service, Mouse World Radio.

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