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Master Chef Jr Top 2 Finalist Andrew Zappley

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Master Chef Jr Top 2 Finalist Andrew Zappley

Confidence, humbleness, leadership and focus are all characteristics of Andrew
Zappley proving that even at the age of 12 he has what it takes to be a master
Listen to the follow up interview with Andrew Zappley right before the finale of
Master Chef Junior Season 3!

Finding out that a local to me, Andrew Zappley, is competing a high level on
Master Chef Junior to be the best young cooks in America was a great feeling. A
better feeling was finding out through the show that Andrew demonstrated on many
occasions that he has the makings of not only a great chef, but a great leader.

When I reached out to Andrew Zappley and his mom, they got back to me fairly
quickly and welcomed me to come out to their viewing party at Holy Trinity
Regional School in Westville, NJ! I am very thankful to get to conduct this
interview with him before the party started. It gave me an opportunity to see
that he is the great person shown on television. I am glad I got to experience
seeing Andrew advance as a Top 4 Semi-Finalist with him in the room.

I will be in attendance next week for the viewing party and plan to get a follow
up interview with Andrew Zappley and hopefully his parents!

Episode 138

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