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Mark Sears Founder of On-Demand Workforce for Data, CloudFactory

Mark Sears

About Mark Sears

After doing tech startups in Canada and the US for about 10 years, Mark Sears has spent the last 4 years living in Nepal and using his unique blend of technology and business experience to develop CloudFactory towards creating work for 1 million people. What started with Mark training four young Nepali computer engineers around one iMac on a kitchen table has grown into a multinational company with 175 full-time staff and 2500+ part-time data specialists.

Mark Sears began his career as a software developer with Sun Microsystems before finding his groove in the world of startups. Moving into technology evangelism and product management roles he helped a 5 person startup grow to 130 employees across 4 international offices after raising $48 million in venture capital. Mark then raised angel investment, launched and managed his own startup company for 6 years before coming to Nepal and starting the CloudFactory adventure.

CloudFactory is an on-demand workforce to make data valuable. The CloudFactory team is the human infrastructure behind many great venture-backed startups, and also the assistance behind helping tech companies train their machine learning algorithms. The CloudFactory solutions team, work platform and cloud workforce come together to process hundreds of millions of tasks like data capture from receipts/invoices/medical forms, video captioning, image tagging/moderation, and human-powered screen scraping.

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