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Magic Kingdom Transforming Overnight

I love time-lapse videos, especially of how they get Main Street ready in just one night!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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  1. Shararti says:

    I don’t know about when to BOOK them, but I know you should SCHEDULE your trip for anorud the second week of September. This is after all of the locals have returned to school and the college students have started hitting the books, so it is less populated and the hotels (and airlines) are usually running great specials.The only bad thing about September is how hot it is, but at least by then the rainy season (what’s a rainy season anymore?) has mostly ended.Also, I have heard that you should check airline prices just before and just after midnight. After you determine which time frame has the cheapest flights, then you know the next night to look at that time to book a flight.

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